Communications is a critical part of running a successful bicycle event, triathlon, or other regional competition. The Cal Poly Amateur Radio Club has provided communications support for the following events in the last couple years.

CPARC's hams ride along in SAG vehicles and set up communication stations at rest stops to relay incident information, inform event coordinators of potentially hazardous conditions, arrange rider transports, and help event organizers locate missing persons. The club owns eight mobile radios that can be set up in vehicles or at rest stops and operated by CPARC hams.

Radio communication has proven invaluable for these events, particularly when cell phone service is poor. By routing communications traffic through a centralized net control station, information can be efficiently moved between all communications volunteers on the course. Most issues are resolved in less time than it takes to dial a cell phone.

If you would like the Cal Poly Amateur Radio Club to help at one of your events, please contact us!

San Luis Obispo Bicycle Club

SLOBC hosts two major bicycle rides every year, Lighthouse Century in the fall and Wildflower Century in the spring. Over a thousand riders bike along the coastline of central California, passing by Sea Lion Cove, and Cappucino Cove. Thirteen hundred Wildflower Century Riders choose between 50, 75, and 100 mile routes that cut through wildflower fields and rolling green hills of San Luis Obispo county.

Templeton Chamber of Commerce

Wine and Roses offers 30, 50, 75, and 100 mile rides through California's wine country has been slowly growing over the past decade, with a glass of wine waiting at the finish line for its 250 riders.

Tri-California Wildflower Triathlons

Every year CPARC members, alumni, and family help out with communications for the largest triathlon event. With a communications team of 50 members to assist 7,000 athletes in this 20,000 spectator weekend, efficient communications for this event is critical. CPARC is responsible for setting up 6 repeaters, 24 vehicle trackers, and 300 handheld radios for 2,000 volunteers at the Tri-California Widlflower Triathlons.

SLO GranFondo

This fast-paced timed event features great views from the coastline between San Luis Obispo and San Simeon. Ride with several pro teams at SLO GranFondo.

Radio Orienteering

Every year the Cal Poly Amateur Radio Club hosts one or more radio orienteering and antenna building event. These events are fun opportunities to practice radio-orienteering, build antennas, and socialize with club members and other local HAMs.

Results from the 2014 Winter T-Hunt!

ARRL Field Day

ARRL Field day is the biggest international radio event each year with thousands of amateur radio stations setting up stations around the world to operate, contest, and get the word out there about amateur radio. (See also: If you're in SLO for the summer or want to learn to operate the club's HF radio and antenna towers, then come experience field day at our shack on campus!

  • When: The event runs 11am Saturday, June 28 until 11am Sunday, June 29 (setup on Friday probably and on Saturday morning ~9/10am. I'll send more details to those that sign up as we get closer)
  • Where: at the Shack 20-123 on the Cal Poly Campus (ECC-16)
  • What: just bring yourself and a smile. Maybe some food/beverages to share and a pillow/blanket if you're staying for the graveyard shift. (Last year we operated 23 out of 24hrs...)
  • RSVP at this link


In addition to showing off amateur radio’s communications capability in community events, CPARC has held many events on its own to bring ham radio out of the shack and into public view. From field days, to HF competitions, to touring school groups, we love showing off our toys and getting new people interested in radio. Watch for us set up occasionally on Dexter Lawn!

Past Events:

Amateur Radio on the ISS: (March 27, 2012) Students talked to astronauts aboard the International Space Station!