Everyone is welcome at our meetings! Our biweekly meetings are held every other Thursday at 6:30 PM. This quarter they will be in Electrical Engineering Bldg 20 Room 118, the SPL Annex. See our calendar for more details. Meetings are never held during dead week or finals week. Meetings are paused during the summer quarter and resume with the start of the new academic year in the fall.

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A map of the entire campus can be found here.

The Ham Shack

Our club room “the shack” is located on the Cal Poly campus in Engineering East, Building 20, Room 123. It is accessible from the outside of the building through the wooden gate between Bldg 20 and Bldg 14. Look for the big red CPARC banner!


Parking can be difficult on campus. If you want to park on campus, a good suggestion is to park in the metered spots in the H2 Parking lot, the meters are free on the weekends. Another option is to buy a general parking pass ($5 at the entrance) and park in the G1 parking structure or in the H-12 or H-16 lots next to the Sports Complex. There are also a few metered parking spots in front of the Library, but the meters have a maximum time limit of 90 minutes. Note that general parking passes allow you to park in Sponsored Guest and Staff spots after 5 pm on weekdays (as long as the spots aren’t marked 24-7).

For alternatives to driving, try carpooling (or biking!). Coordinate on the repeater. Taking the bus is also a great option for getting to the meeting, more information can be found in the bus schedule.