W6BHZ maintains cross-linked analog repeaters on 2 meters and 70 centimeters. Both repeaters are located in the Administration Building on the Cal Poly campus. The 2 meter repeater is a Kenwood TKR-750, installed in September 2004. The 70 centimeter repeater is a Kenwood TKR-850, and it was installed in June 2004.


W6BHZ now operates the Echolink node W6BHZ-R . The Echolink server is run on a Windows machine. A VHF Motorola GM 300 connected via a SignaLink provide a RF link to the W6BHZ repeater system.

Connection Instructions
• If you have not, downloaded and open Echolink. Upon first download, you must verify your status as a amateur radio operator.
• Ensure that you are marked as “Online.” 
• Search for “W6BHZ-R” and click to join the repeater.
• Click on the push-to-talk to transmit. Ensure that Echolink has permission to use your microphone and that all of your sound settings are correct.
• Click the push-to-talk again to stop transmitting. You will not be able to hear the the repeater until after your squelch closes, which may suffer from a delay. 

The Echolink software can be downloaded from here, and the software’s user guide can be found here. If you are on a mobile device or a different OS, you may need to download a different version.

DMR Repeater

We also operate a DMR Repeater on 440.300 MHz, +5 MHz offset, CC 1. The repeater is connected to the BrandMeister global DMR network. It consists of a Raspberry Pi running Pi-Star connected to 2x Motorola GM300s running 30 Watts into an Diamond X50A on the shack roof. It was installed in February 2020 and covers most of the Cal Poly campus, and some of SLO city. Information on the timeslot/talkgroup arrangement can be found on our BrandMeister page.

Additionally, information on the local K6DOA DMR repeater can be found here.

Local Area Codeplug

CPARC has also created a radio codeplug for programming your radio with the W6BHZ repeater as well as other local station (e.g. Tassahara, SLO EMS, county-wide simulcast, etc.). The CSV can be downloaded here and uploaded to your radio through Chirp (available here).

W6BHZ Repeater List

ModeBandFrequencyOffsetPL Tone (Hz)StatusLocation
FM2 meters (VHF)146.760 MHz-600KHz91.5 in, 127.3 outOperationalAdministration Building
FM70 centimeters (UHF)442.300 MHz+5MHz127.3OperationalAdministration Building
DMR70 centimeters (UHF)440.300 MHz+5MHz CC 1 OperationalCPARC Shack, Bldg 20, Rm 123

W6BHZ Repeater GPS Coordinates: 35.301314 N, 120.658565 W

Repeater Coverage Maps

Repeater coverage maps courtesy of K5EHX and KD2BD. Interactive maps can be found here for UHF and here for VHF.

System Diagram


Power comes from a large 13.8V 100A 3-stage power supply used to power all of the public safety radios up at the site. Also connected to the power supply is 800AH of batteries used for when the AC goes offline. The entire building is backed up with a generator.

Admin Building Pictures

DMR Repeater Pictures

DMR System Diagram