About Us

The California Polytechnic State University Amateur (Ham) Radio Club (CPARC) has a long tradition of communications service on campus and in the community of San Luis Obispo. The club was founded in 1947, making the Cal Poly Amateur Radio Club the second oldest club on campus.

Our club station, W6BHZ, is equipped with high frequency radio transceivers capable of worldwide communications. The station also acts as a San Luis Obispo County Emergency Communications Center, as it is fully equipped with emergency power and radio equipment to support various public safety agencies in the event of a disaster. The club trains routinely with local agencies in mock-disaster situations, and has provided emergency communications during the Highway 41 Fire, the Loma Prieta earthquake, and other disasters both local and statewide. The club also supports other, non-emergency events such as bicycle races, triathlons, and parades. Club radio operators maintain communications both for event logistics and medical emergencies.

The club maintains a repeater system to extend the range of handheld radios for club members and other licensed amateur radio operators in the San Luis Obispo area. The club is also working on a radio system which will link to other radio systems throughout the state as a part of the Western Amateur Linking Association (WALA) network. The club continues to move into the future with expanded Internet connectivity, digital radio projects, and additional wide-area linked radio systems.

Amateur radio is a hobby that attracts a wide range of people interested in all facets of radio communications. Involvement in amateur radio allows people to practice their public speaking skills as well as the advancement of one’s knowledge of radio theory, electronics, and emergency management. The Cal Poly philosophy is “Learn by Doing,” and involvement in the Cal Poly Amateur Radio Club embraces this philosophy to its fullest.

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As well as: Bill Bailey, AE6EQ; Milton Davis, AI6MD; David Evans, N6UEZ; Robert Griffin, K6YR; Ron Patterson, W6FM; John Portune, W6NBC; John Rogers, KK6DJ; Anthony Estrada, WA6GKM; Chuck Bland, NA6BR; Dave Bottom, WI6R; Dennis Derickson, AC0P; Brad Horak, N6BDE; Tom Tengdin, WB9VXY, N6MTS Mark; Igarashi Motor Sales USA, LLC