A “net” is an organized meeting of amateur radio operators on a particular frequency with a common theme, such as a swap net or traffic net. Nets occur on all bands and on all modes around the world. The Cal Poly Amateur Radio Club participates in a few nets every week.

W6BHZ also hosts formal check-in nets for the SLOECC ARES/RACES Net for ECC16. This net meets at 19:30 hours every Tuesday evening. This net takes club and guest check-ins and forwards them to the weekly Countywide SLOECC ARES/RACES training net.

W6BHZ hosts informal nets Thursday night at 18:30 hours on Thursday evenings when there is no club meeting and every Saturday night. These are informal nets and all amateur radio operators are welcome to participate. The Shack is usually open, and everyone is welcome! Packet check-ins may also be accepted, depending on the status of the ECC packet stations. Net control operators are always wanted, let an officer know if you want to control.

See our calendar for upcoming nets and other events.