Fall 2022 Ham Cram

This is a reminder that our annual Ham Cram is quickly approaching!

The Ham Cram will be held in-person on October 22nd, in room 8-123 from 9:00AM to 3:00PM. The testing session will follow the Ham Cram.

Our testing session will start at 3:00 PM in room 8-123. If you feel comfortable with the material and would prefer to skip the Ham Cram and only show up for the testing session, feel free to do so at 3:00PM.

What is the Ham Cram?
-The Ham Cram is essentially one big study session where current CPARC members and other Hams go over the material for the amateur radio technician exam, with the intention of getting new students their licenses. Those who have attended the Ham Cram have historically had around a 95% pass rate, so we know that this works!
-Snacks, drinks, and study materials will be provided at the Ham Cram
-The Ham Cram only covers materials in the Technician exam
The Ham Cram costs $10 to attend (Separate fee from testing session)

What is the testing session?
-CPARC holds a testing session for people looking to get their amateur radio licenses
-We will be offering tests for technician, general, and extra license classes
-One does not need to attend the Ham Cram to participate in the testing session
Testing session begins at 3:00PM in room 8-123 and costs $10 (free for students, minors, veterans, and active military)
-EE151 students will be granted extra credit upon passing the Technician exam
-EE449 students will be granted extra credit upon passing the General or Extra level exam
Upon passing the exam, the FCC will charge a $35 fee to issue you your license (Separate fee from exam and ham cram)

Some important links/info:
-Sign up for the Fall 2022 Ham Cram here
-Register for the exam here

-To sign up to be a VE for this exam, first become accredited with GLAARG here, and then sign up for the event here
-To present at the Ham Cram, sign up here
-If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at [email protected]
Campus Map
-Parking: For the duration of the Ham Cram and testing session, parking in parking lot H4A(and all campus lots) should be permitted, but please adhere to signs posted in each individual parking lots.

We hope to see you at the Ham Cram and the accompanying testing session!

Hunter (KN6RJA)
CPARC Treasurer and PR Officer